Thursday, July 4, 2013

When in...


As you know a large section of the Ragged family is currently away from home at the Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin (any of our buyers come and see us in hanger 3,today is your last chance!).. 
Obviously,those of us staying behind sent them off with some rather large lists of things we want brought back for us. Basically just lists of novelty German ephemera. 
One list we should've made them was a list of things to do while in Berlin.
However, in the pre-Berlinstressinducedhaze - we forgot to do so.
SO here's the list, for your eyes only..

- Probably, the most obvious thing to do would be to visit the Berlin wall. It was demolished completely in 1990 and now, having had most of the graffiti 'cleaned off', there is only a 1 mile section of the wall left known as the 'East Side Gallery' that is dedicated completely to its art - some of which was originally created on other parts of the wall before it was knocked down.
And it's free!

- Photoautomaten is another thing to do.These are little black and white photobooths dotted around the city - very similar to passport photo booths..but cooler. You get a black and white strip of four individual photos. Pretty good huh?
Here's a few of the Ragged family crammed into one last year.

- Bike ride around everywhere! This is probably only really advised when it's summer. Cause in Berlin when it's cold, it's way cold!

- Oh, flea market in Mauer Park. Be prepared to want everything.

- Any of the 200 museums. Seriously, 200.

- Eat - everything you see. (Look for 'Burgermania')

- Drink - everything you can. (look up 'Absinthe Depot Berlin' if you're feeling really f*cking brave..I don't think any of us here could handle that to well..well,maybe a couple..I'd say stick to Rum..Or whiskey..or beer..Maybe just look for a Bierhaus)

Little picture of our site manager after a Berlin night out

Alternatively, you could just wonder around aimlessly and hopefully stumble across something uber cool!


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